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Boing's trip to CERN

Back in October, I was a guest speaker at a workshop in CERN. Boing the bunny came along too.

2013-10-16 17.42.29
She helped me at the check-in touchscreen.

2013-10-16 18.47.51
And got her picture taken with a Beefeater (thankfully not a bunny-eater!)

2013-10-16 18.51.37
She was very disappointed that the soft play area was closed for the day.

2013-10-16 19.15.39
But liked looking out the window of the airplane.

2013-10-16 19.20.40
All buckled in and ready to fly!

2013-10-17 11.25.22
In front of a pipe with the CERN logo on.

2013-10-17 11.26.56
The CERN visitors centre and main meeting room from the outside. All made from wood.

2013-10-17 11.31.29
Our meeting was up at the top of the building, and had a lovely skylight.

2013-10-17 17.00.44
But there was also a long ramp to climb to get there. Boing thought it'd be really cool as a giant slide!

2013-10-17 13.17.51
Downstairs was the visitor centre, with a cool audio-visual show with lots of atmospheric music and coloured lights.

2013-10-17 13.19.43
And a projected map that showed you the path of the LHC.

2013-10-17 13.20.24
There were other bits and pieces of accelerator equipment.
2013-10-17 13.21.43
Boing says she knows what these are for!

2013-10-17 15.46.45
The meeting went well, but Boing was a bit bored until the huge trays of macaroons came out.

2013-10-17 15.48.26
I don't know how she ate so many, but she did!

2013-10-17 18.20.02
After the workshop, we got a tour. Here's Boing looking at a radiofrequency quadrupole.
2013-10-17 18.20.17
And here's the poster that explains what it is.

2013-10-17 18.26.30
Genuine physics on a blackboard!

2013-10-17 18.27.26
On top of a proton source.

2013-10-17 18.28.38
Apparently they got a job lot of these stickers in the 1970s and have never replaced them.

2013-10-17 18.29.17
If I remember right (and I'm not sure I do!) this is one of the linear accelerators.

2013-10-17 18.42.00
And here's how the many accelerators feed into each other, and what they accelerate.

2013-10-17 18.42.36
Poster with pictures of the different accelerator tunnels. Unfortunately we couldn't go down into the LHC tunnel this time.

2013-10-17 18.44.01
This is LEIR, an ion accelerator.

2013-10-17 19.16.30
We got to see some of the back corridors and offices at the end of the tour (some of the other participants had to pick up coats and bags). This warning sign amused me!

2013-10-18 08.20.51
CERN has a hostel on site, where I stayed. I felt like I was back in university halls of residence again.

2013-10-18 09.19.37
As well as a gift shop, CERN also has a sculpture garden, where the sculptures are old bits of experimental machinery.

2013-10-18 09.21.21
This is a cloud chamber for detecting cosmic rays.

2013-10-18 09.42.39
CERN also has more traditional sculptures, like this statue of Shiva, presented by the Indian government.

2013-10-18 09.45.16
The view from the front of the hostel (roughly). Lovely blue sky!

2013-10-18 09.46.22
CERN's so big, they have special bicycles for researchers to use to get around the site more quickly.

2013-10-18 10.43.24
In the airport on the way home, I had real trouble trying to persuade Boing that no, she didn't really want a 5kg jar of Nutella!

And that was our trip to CERN!


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Feb. 7th, 2014 05:11 pm (UTC)
Oooh! Fab - love seeing how it's changed, I visited there back in the very late 80s, possibly early 90s.
Feb. 7th, 2014 06:07 pm (UTC)
A huge grin spread over my face as soon as I saw your latest stowaway - thanks for the photos and lucky Boing/you with all those macarons!
Feb. 7th, 2014 08:38 pm (UTC)
And that was a brilliant post all round! Hope the lecture went well to, in amongst Boing's adventures :-)
Feb. 8th, 2014 08:54 pm (UTC)
Argh! Amazing!
Feb. 8th, 2014 11:08 pm (UTC)
Oh this is too wonderful x
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