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Baa goes to Dublin

2014-03-25 09.02.42
It's time for another Animal Adventure, featuring our heroine, Baa the goat! We went off to Dublin this trip, back in March.

2014-03-25 09.05.03
We flew from Heathrow, so here is the obligatory photo with the giant Harrods teddy.

2014-03-25 09.05.29
And hanging around with a teddy pretending to be a bunny.

2014-03-25 09.09.14
I couldn't find her for a few minutes - and then discovered her hanging around with the sheep in Hamleys.

2014-03-25 09.22.06
She wanted to play in the soft play area, but it was shut. So instead she climbed on the netting, ignoring the sign. Naughty Baa!

2014-03-25 09.29.31
We had to walk a fair distance to get to our gate. Baa was impressed that we went over a bridge across the road, without leaving the airport.

2014-03-25 09.34.23
There's our plane!

2014-03-25 09.41.38
Looking out the plane window. It was raining.

2014-03-25 14.32.24
The meeting was held at Croke Park in Dublin, in the corporate boxes. It was a good view down onto the pitch.

2014-03-26 20.07.03
Baa kept climbing on things - here she is on top of my hot chocolate cup!

2014-03-26 20.21.50
And nibbling on the flowers in the hotel room.

2014-03-26 20.48.58
No Baa! Not on top of the tv! You'll hurt yourself!

2014-03-26 20.49.09
She thought the coffee machine was a shower, just her size. Luckily I didn't use it, otherwise she might have wound up smelling of coffee all day.

2014-03-26 20.49.28
At least climbing on the pillows means that she has a soft place to land if she falls.

2014-03-27 08.21.18
Here's the view of the Croke Park stands, right next to houses. I'll bet it gets really noisy on match days.

2014-03-27 08.30.02
Baa was very interested in the biodiversity meeting. She thought she'd fit right in.

2014-03-27 17.07.31
Climbing on the seats to listen to the presentations at the plenary meeting.

2014-03-27 20.33.04
We had some excellent music as the entertainment for the conference dinner.

2014-03-27 20.12.39
And examples of Irish dancing, done on tables! (They were very strong tables, which is good, because they didn't half get clattered on!)

2014-03-27 20.36.09
Baa was a bit annoyed that they were allowed dance on the table when she wasn't.
2014-03-27 20.41.10
So I let her on the table to admire the table decoration. She tried to eat it.

2014-03-27 20.42.10
But I managed to distract her with the deserts. She really liked the chocolate teacup! (So did I - it was yummy)

2014-03-28 08.44.07
The main room where everyone in the meeting met up for presentations had a great view of the streets of Dublin.

2014-03-28 15.07.48
And Croke Park had a great pile of cookies at morning and afternoon coffee breaks. It got a bit warm though, so they all stuck together.

2014-03-28 18.25.18
On the plane on our way home.

2014-03-28 18.26.15
Checking out the in-flight menu!

It was a bit strange, being in Ireland for a conference. But it did mean that I could catch up with an old school friend, and have dinner with my Dad, as well as do the normal conference things. Win all round!