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Little Chick goes to Leuvain

Oh dear, it's been a while since I updated!

Nevertheless, here's the story of Little Chick's adventures in Leuvain:

We started off in my office, where she had to have her picture taken with my office ducks.

Here she is, ready to get on the Eurostar.

The hotel room was grand, if a bit white and stark.

But we did have a balcony outside, so that made up for it.

Tucking into breakfast!

The meeting venue was in an old machine shed, with lots of big machines...

...and jet engines.

Not our building, but part of the University.

And of course, she had to try climbing the trees!

She came down again after I promised she could try the desserts at afternoon coffee. She liked the chocolate one best.

Ready for the train at Leuvain station.

And that's all the photos from that trip - it was only a short one.

Unfortunately, this was the trip where I got to Gare du Midi in Brussels to discover that the Eurostar queue was nearlytwice the length of the concorse, because of strike action by the border guards checking passports. I missed my scheduled train because of the queue, made it on the last one out that night (which was itself late). I thought I was grand once I'd got to Paddington, but no, Paddington was shut completely because (apparantly) someone had been pushed in front of the train.

Thankfully, because it was work related travel, the lovely people at work security arranged for a taxi to come and collect me from Paddington. It was nearly 2am by the time I got home, mind!

What a trip! But Little Chick had fun.