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Kat goes to Cologne

This trip was to Cologne in November 2014, just in time for the Christmas markets.

 Kat had to help me research the markets at work before we left for the airport.

 And of course, had to climb my wire tree. What is it with small cuddlies and climbing trees?

We flew from Heathrow, so obligatory photo with the giant Harrods teddy.

Kat was impressed with the Christmas lights too.

Looking out the window at our plane.

We had a huge plane flying into Dusseldorf, complete with seat back tvs and everything. Shame it was only a short flight, so we couldn't watch any of the films.

The train station in Cologne is right next to the cathedral, which is really impressive. A bit less so, in the dark and the rain, but still!

The view out of the hotel window.

The next morning I went out for a run. (Kat sensibl stayed home in bed.) But I did see cool things, like Christmas decorations in the shop windows.

And the gateway to one of the many Christmas markets.

That evening we went out to see another Christmas market. It was a bit crowded.

But there was a stall selling chocolate tools...

...and decorated candy apples...


...and chocolate Santas.

The hotel had a section in the lobby for kids to play. Kat had to try out the climbing wall...

...and the motorbike.

I spotted this yarn bomb on the way to the meeting venue.

The lecture theatre where I was presenting had a massive globe. So Kat had to sit on top of the world!

Outside the venue - the inside had a selection of cool fossils too.

The Cologne Peace Crib

And the description of what it was all about.

Next to a massive city of cards at Dusseldorf airport

Kat wasn't sure about this giraffe pretending to be an elephant!