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sorcha's Journal

Sorcha ní gCeallagháin
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"A writer whose head is so full of interesting, creative ideas that she may be medically required to share them with others to avoid brain damage." "Belly dancer. Scientist. Writer. Musician. A sickeningly talented person." "She's not an Evil Scientist. Yet." - nearside

"Highly intelligent, very talented, definately visually supportive, and guaranteed to turn most men to jelly either by her looks, her voice or those hypnotic hips!" - griff_wolf

"Had me rolling in the aisles" - T.B.

"More talented than a celebrity, quicker witted than a steaming comedian, able to leap tall logics in a single bound." - oneshallstand

"Consumer of marshmallows and lover of ducks." - cygninae

"of all the sisters i may have out there she is by and far the most biological one (in case i need a kidney or something)" - peadar

Born in 1977, Sorcha attributes the fact that she's not dead to the fact that there are never enough heroes around when you want them. That, and lack of venture capitalists with a taste for world domination, means that she has spent most of her evil genius career masquerading as a mild mannered scientist in the deepest, darkest depths of a laboratory in Oxfordshire. It did mean that she could complete her PhD in (relative) comfort, adding significantly to her mad scientist street cred.

She passes her time by designing weather control devices and exploring the possibilities of taking over the world through music (hey - it works for useless boy bands) or novels (ditto - JK Rowling). She has recently acquired a new obsession in the arcane and mysterious art of bellydancing, which ties in quite nicely with a previous obsession for costume-making. She once made a cake in the shape of a desert island. It was very tasty.

She lives in a cunningly disguised lair in a small town in South East England with her husband, her daughter and two goldfish. Yes, she is a geek.