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Scruffy Duck goes to Malta

I get home from the USA trip on the Saturday morning. On the Wednesday I'm off again to Malta for a workshop, this time in the company of Scruffy Duck.

Even though we flew out from Heathrow, Scruffy didn't want her photo taken with the giant Harrods bear.

2013-09-25 10.02.39
She was happy to meet all the UK themed ducks in the Glorious Britain gift shop.

2013-09-25 10.13.09
There's our airplane!

2013-09-25 10.29.19
Looking out the window before taking off. We were right at the very back of the plane.

2013-09-25 16.10.25
The conference hotel was very nice indeed - this was the view from my hotel room balcony.

2013-09-25 16.11.38
And this was the room itself - very posh!

2013-09-25 21.05.16
Scruffy did help me look over my slides for my presentation the night before the workshop.

2013-09-26 13.21.03
I tell you, it was a very civilised affair. During the workshop lunch break, we had a lovely sit out next to the open air swimming pool, enjoying the lovely warm weather.

2013-09-26 13.51.05
Scruffy enjoyed sitting on the (many) stone lions around the place.

2013-09-26 18.22.08
After the workshop, I even had a swim outdoors, while Scruffy relaxed by the pool.

2013-09-26 19.02.41
She preferred to rest on the sun loungers to the palm trees.

2013-09-26 19.03.34
She wanted a close up of what the horse in this statue was eating, just in case it looked tasty.

2013-09-26 22.04.11
The evening of the workshop a group of us went out for dinner. On our way back to the hotel, we came across a dance performance in the main square of Valetta. It was really impressive!

2013-09-26 22.16.53
This fountain is just outside the main gate of Valetta, and serves as the centre of the bus park.

2013-09-27 07.28.30
On the Friday, we had a morning to relax before catching our flight home. So Scruffy read the paper, being very interested in the story about the sheep.

2013-09-27 08.01.12
And we had a very tasty, freshly cooked waffle for breakfast. (As well as lots of other yummy food.)

2013-09-27 09.31.15
Then we went sightseeing. This is the hotel from the land side. (The other side looks straight out onto the sea, and the hotel even has its own private yacht club and beach, as well as indoor and outdoor pools.)

2013-09-27 09.31.40
Another lion!

2013-09-27 09.39.07
The walls of Valetta.

2013-09-27 10.07.55
It was very hot and sunny (I had to buy myself a hat). There was a military band performing and guards on maneuvers in front of the parliament building.

2013-09-27 10.18.55
Malta feels very Mediterranean, but then you get flashes of British-ness. Like the red phone booth and pillar box, and Marks and Spencers and Peacocks.

2013-09-27 10.19.16
Valetta's streets are lovely though.

2013-09-27 10.25.16
We had a great time just wandering around and looking at stuff.

2013-09-27 10.28.17
Another red telephone box!

2013-09-27 10.34.39
Walking the outskirts of the city, along the sea wall.

2013-09-27 10.39.36
At the Siege Bell memorial

2013-09-27 10.39.54
Looking out over the ocean.

2013-09-27 10.41.09
The Siege Bell Memorial. There were signs warning people to be careful at certain times, when the bell would ring.

2013-09-27 10.42.04
Right next to the memorial was a playground. Scruffy wasn't too keen on the Bell, but really wanted a go on the rocking horse!

2013-09-27 11.15.10
She also wanted to know what sort of bird laid those eggs. I had to explain they were made of glass, but we both agreed they were very pretty.

2013-09-27 11.16.13
There was a train driving around the streets, giving tours.

2013-09-27 11.16.33
And a strange purple bug sculpture thing.

2013-09-27 11.46.44
After all that walking, we needed a sit down and some ice cream.

2013-09-27 11.59.40
Scruffy thought this sign was funny - on street parking reserved for members of parliament only during certain hours.

2013-09-27 12.02.53
We saw the official changing of the guards at the parliament building.

2013-09-27 12.16.38
And this was the entrance to a large open air theatre.

2013-09-27 12.17.57
Valetta was just starting to host a big science communication event thingy. Scruffy has decided that she'd like to be a scientist when she grows up.

2013-09-27 12.21.16
A common way of sightseeing was by horse and carraige. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to go for a ride.

2013-09-27 12.37.52
Back at the hotel, we had lunch down by the sea.

2013-09-27 13.09.19
The restaurant was Tiki themed, and Scruffy wanted her photo taken with one of the tiki statues. She's gotten a lot braver after all those lions!

2013-09-27 13.10.19
One final photo at the hotel, right by the fountain.

2013-09-27 14.31.04
And finally, in Malta airport, Scruffy hung out with a few other ducks in Duty Free.

So, that was Malta - a very nice place! I don't think I'd want to go back in the summer though - too hot. The weather towards the end of September was just lovely.


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Nov. 14th, 2013 07:49 pm (UTC)
What a lovely trip! Scruffy is a lucky ducky.
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